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Angel Wise

Divine wisdom to create your dreams

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"Angel Wise, Divine Wisdom to Create your Dreams” was truly a labor of love! Angel Wise is 176 pages of angelic healing, tips, tools, guidance, love and light. It is part book, part workbook and part reference guide that is a companion to my “Angel Rituals” eBook; both teaching readers the amazing possibilities available when working with the Divine magic of the Angels.

These books will help you clear energy, release blocks, manifest your dreams, recall and heal past lives, let go of the past, create harmonious relationships, learn to trust your intuition and so much more.


Because “Angel Wise” is truly a tool for growth, enlightenment and empowerment, I was guided to make it available in a very unique way. To simply offer it without a format for ongoing training, support and Angelic Guidance would be a wasteful. So, I was guided to create an amazing opportunity for all of you (this is the only way to get a copy of “Angel Wise”, along with some incredible benefits)!

INTRODUCING THE ANGEL WISE DIVINE BOOK CLUB (& more)! Membership in this amazing group will include:

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*FREE copy of Angel Wise
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*FREE copy of Truth Works
*FREE monthly Angel Wisdom Training (based on ebook content)
*LIVE Angel Guidance events
*FREE custom add on Angel Rituals
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Angel Rituals 

Divine practices for mind, body & spirit

This deck of 44 sacred Angel Wisdom Cards is infused with Inuitutive Guidance, Angel Reiki healing energy and loving/empowering messages to help you manifest the life of your dreams!

Purchasing the Angel Wisdom Cards includes FREE access to the

Angel Wisdom Workshop & more!  Please click here to contact me about purchasing these amazing cards.

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Rituals are powerful, sacred spiritual practices the help us focus our energy and intention on a specific purpose.  Angel Rituals incorporate the Divine magic of the angelic realm to bring us the guidance, healing and inspiration we need.

Angels are our guardians and guides.  They are divine spiritual beings of love and light that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime.  Guardian angels are unique to each person; we each have our own team.  For some people this may be one angel, for others it may be many; and you can always as for more if you feel the need.  The Angels respect your free will and won't directly interfere in your life unless asked, or, if your life is in danger before your time.  When you ask for help, the Angels will bring it to you.  Angel Rituals are a great tool for asking the Angels for help.  They empower us and bring clarity about how we can improve our lives, manifest our dreams, release negative energy and much more; creating much more peace, joy and love in our lives. 


Angel Rituals is available FREE to members of the Angel Wise Divine Book Club.  Click here to contact me about joining.

Truth Works

Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages

While raising my 3 children, I have often tried to find books to help reinforce the positive spiritual concepts I was teaching them about universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction and the theory of Pure Potentiality.  Aside from a few colorful picture books for very young children, there was very little in the self-help genre for birth youngsters seeking this special kind of knowledge to read and absorb on their own; until now.  Truth Works dismantles the negative life lessons our kids are taught by many adults in their lives.  Let's face it, reading, writing and arithmetic aren't the only things they learn in school (and other venues).  There are detrimental messages they hear on a daily basis from television, music, Social Media, friends and many others.  People unknowingly drop their false belief bombs that can become ingrained into our children's subconscious when they hear age-old, traditional sayings like "money is the root of all evil", "life is not fair" or "you have to struggle to get ahead".
Since writing had been my lifelong passion and a focus of my undergraduate education, I knew I had finally discovered my topic.  The premise for Truth Works is to undo this harmful programming at a young age, ensuring the subconscious belief system of our children is optimistic, safe and secure.  When we address these destructive beliefs in childhood and expose their false, fear-based nature, they cannot reside in our subconscious minds for a lifetime as the basis for our core beliefs.  We are left with the pure, positive and absolute spiritual truth.
Truth Works ebook is available FREE to members of the Angel Wise Divine Book Club.  Please click here to contact me about joining.
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