5 Ways Angels Communicate with You Every Day!

Angels are with us always. They are Divine Spiritual beings of pure love and light energy. The angels protect, heal and guide us; bringing us closer to peace on earth, one person at a time (that is their mission). Each of us has a team of guardian angels. You have at least one primary angel that is with you throughout your entire lifetime. Other angels become part of the team as needed, when you grow and change, and you can always request more; the angels are eager to help when asked. Angels love us unconditionally and want to help us be happy and peaceful. Angels gently guide us to make positive changes, like eating healthier for instance, but they cannot directly intervene without our consent. They respect our free will and do not interfere in our lives; they only directly intervene when we ask for help. The only exception is when there is a life endangering situation that would bring about our death before it is our time. No training is necessary to communicate with your guardian angels. There are no formal prayers or invocations, only a sincere desire for help is necessary. You can call on the angels any time for help with anything; nothing is too big or too small. The only thing required is your sincere desire for guidance and assistance. Once you know what you truly want, they will conspire on your behalf; if you ask. To ask for assistance, you can say a prayer, speak it, write it or ask in your thoughts; whatever feels right for you. When you ask for help, listen for guidance from your angels; this can come subtly in the form of repetitive thoughts, gut instincts, a dream, a vision a series of coincidences or other signs and ways to get your attention (often very unique for each person). Your intuition is the main way your angels communicate with you. When you are peaceful and quiet, like in meditation, you can tune in to your intuition and know it is your angels communicating with you. In truth, there are endless ways angels might communicate with us, the possibilities are unlimited! Opening your heart and mind with faith and a desire to receive guidance is all you need to get started. The most common forms of intuitive communication include your thoughts, ideas, inspirations and dreams; but there are numerous other forms in the physical world the angels use to confirm our intuitive feelings. Angels are really never not communicating with us, and you can increase your awareness of their presence and guidance simply by learning to recognize different ways they connect with you. Here are 5 incredible ways angels are communicating with you. 1. Numbers: Numbers are a universal language, making them perfect for angelic communication. Repetitive number sequences that you see frequently are a message from your angels, start paying attention to them. The number 11, for instance, is a reminder to be mindful of your thoughts because they create your reality; it is a way of telling you that your thought manifest into your reality so be mindful of them. There are many books detailing the meanings of angel numbers, do a search and ask your angels to help you find the right one so you can begin to understand their guidance. 2. Social Media and Technology: No, your angels do not have a Facebook page; but they do use Social Media and technology to get your attention and bring you information you need. When you need information or want to manifest an opportunity, ask your angels for help and start paying attention to what comes into your news feeds and Internet searches; technology is an enormous and unlimited resource for Divine guidance. I often ask my angels to bring me the exact information I need before a Google search, it saves me a lot of time! 3. Physical Sensations: The Angels are beings of pure energy and they use that energy sensations to communicate with you through your physical body (energy never lies). Our bodies can sense energy at all times. When you feel a chilled sensation, pay attention; it is the presence of your angels and they want you to know they are there either to comfort you or encourage you; pay attention to your thoughts at that time. When you feel tension or "butterflies" in your gut, that is a warning that something is not right for you; that is your Solar Plexus chakra the angels are using to show you lower vibrating energy. When you hear ringing in your ears, your angels are trying to get your attention for something; they use your ear chakras to ask you to "hear" them. Ringing messages are unique to each person; their meaning is usually to confirm instinctive thoughts you are having at the moment. 4. People: The people we interact with might have angelic messages for us. The angels often inspire others to mention useful information to us; often confirming our own gut feelings so we can make decisions. It always amazes me when I am struggling with something, and within a short time of asking my angels for help, somebody unexpectedly tells me exactly what I need to know in order to make the right decision (many times it is a complete stranger). 5. Animals: Animals are similar to numbers, in that they are universal, symbolic messengers and their repetitive presence has meaning. Angels use animal symbols to communicate with you. When you see a certain animal frequently, pay attention and seek out the message. Their sighting isn't limited to your surroundings; you might see the same animal in your yard, on tv, on a billboard and on Social Media all in the same day. The Angels will bring the animal to your attention in many different ways. There are many blogs and books about animal symbols; do an Internet search and ask your angels to help you find the right one so you can begin to understand their guidance.

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