4 Ways Angels Help You Diffuse Toxic Energy and Psychic Attack

4 Simple Ways Angels Can Help You Diffuse Toxic Energy Energy is everything. Every living person, every living creature and every living thing is energy; spirit and angels are also energy. Angels are our guardians and guides. They are divine spiritual beings of love, supreme energy and light that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime, brining us messages, guidance, healing, protection and help for our highest good. Guardian angels are unique to each person; we each have our own team. For some people this may be one angel, for others it may be many; and you can always ask for more if you feel the need. The Angels can help us understand energy and learn to work with it for healing, protection and manifesting. This knowledge is extremely important because energy is a constant state. It is all around us; even inanimate objects absorb energy, like rooms, homes or buildings. Every environment we encounter has its own energy; it is ever present and ever manifesting. The energy around us and within us has a vibration that can be felt or sensed. This energy vibration is either high vibrating or low vibrating. This is not a judgment of good or bad, it is simply the nature of energy; like the nature of temperature is hot or cold. High vibrating energy is aligned with the energy of love, joy, peace and abundance; it feels light and uplifting (the Angels are a supremely high vibrating energy). Low vibrating energy is aligned with the energy of anger, fear, sadness, chaos, stress, and scarcity; it feels heavy and irritating. Toxic energy is long standing and compounded low vibrating energy in an extreme form. Toxic energy is draining and can be very difficult to be around, especially for a prolonged period of time. Our personal energy vibration is a choice. The decisions we make every day either support maintaining a high vibration or a low vibration. Our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, relationships, self-care, hobbies and habits are our choice and they all contribute to our vibration; either raising it or lowering it based on what we choose. Positive thinking raises your vibration, while negative beliefs lower it. Taking excellent care of yourself raises your vibration, while poor eating habits lower it. Loving relationships raise your vibration while toxic ones lower it tremendously. In truth, there is always a balance of positive and negative energy around us; it's the yin and yang of the world. Exposure to extremes in low vibrating energy can negatively impact this balance and lead to toxic overload; which lowers your personal energy vibration and can reek havoc with your well-being and other areas of your life. The stress from being consistently engaged with toxic energy can cause health issues, financial problems, stress, irritability, relationship problems, fatigue and a host of other dilemmas you wouldn't want in your life. Whether it is from a relationship, environment, individual or situation; if the energy is so low vibrating that it is draining you, overwhelming you or just plain unbearable for you, than you must take action to make a change. This is not about judging anything or anyone; it is about accepting circumstances for what they are and acting accordingly for your own well-being. Your angels can help you alter any toxic situation and detach from the draining energy. There are many methods you can use to break or diffuse this kind of energy connection or cycle (even if you a perpetrating it), all you truly need for them to work is awareness and a sincere desire for change. Here a 4 simple ways your Angels can help you diffuse toxic energy: NOTE: Whatever the situation or reason, your first step in diffusing the toxic energy is forgiveness. Using a Forgiveness Ritual is a good idea, because it allows you to release your own negative energy, take responsibility for your part and align with your higher self. You can find one here: http://www.onewiselife.com/relationships/to-forgive-is-divine-a-ritual-for-releasing-negative-energy?rq=Gina%20sendef). 1. Frozen Energy Bind: Feeling picked on, targeted or bullied? This technique works very well for situations where you feel as though somebody wants to purposefully hurt you, bother you, irritate you or even stalk you. An energy bind (there are many types of them) is a way creating an intention to stop the toxic energy of a situation. You will need an empty plastic water bottle with lid and a small slip of paper. First, think about the situation and write the name (or names) of the person (or people) involved on the slip of paper along with the word "STOP" Next, put the paper in the empty water bottle, fill it with water and cap it tightly. Now you will ask your angels to work on your behalf with the Angels of the others involved to stop the toxic energy and restore balance. Lastly, place this water bottle in the freezer for a short period of time (usually about 30 days); this freezes the energy of the situation in its tracks. Once you feel the energy has been diffused, the toxic behavior has stopped and balance has been restored, remove the bottle from the freezer and recycle it, while asking your angels to transmute the energy. 2. Cord Cutting: If somebody continually dumps drama on your doorstep, without listening to your advice or ever truly seeking to make positive changes, it can be very draining. Toxic people tend to constantly have drama all around them. They also suck energy from others by dumping their problems without reciprocating in relationships; these are energy vampires. It doesn't really matter what you say or do to alter this cycle, drama dumpers are in it for the attention and will not stop. You cannot help them because they do not want to help themselves (if they did, they would take responsibility for their actions and make changes). In these cases, it is for not only your highest good, but the highest good of the other person to put a stop to this destructive cycle; it is not beneficial for anyone involved. If you can (or want to), ending the relationship is a solution; but often these people are family members, co-workers, neighbors and other people who must be in our lives in some way. In these cases, cutting negative energy cords is a must (you can even combine 1 & 2 if you like) and will stop the draining and dumping. Energy cords are created between bonded people; these are positive connections. Negative cord attachments are formed when someone is attaching to you in a toxic way; this happens subconsciously in most cases. These are the cords that will drain your energy and the ones that should be cut to diffuse the toxic energy and restore harmony. After your Forgiveness Ritual, ask Archangel Michael to cut any negative or toxic cord connections between you and the person or people involved in all directions of time. Visualize Archangel Michael using his sword to sever the negative cords, setting everyone free of the unhealthy situation. Now, you will notice that you are no longer being pulled into drama and toxic story telling. 3. Fox Protection: This technique must be used in situations where there is the potential for emotional or physical harm, putting you in some form of danger; like from a narcissist or abuser. It is best when used in conjunction with 1 & 2, but not required. The Angels work with nature and animal medicine. Fox animal medicine helps to make us "invisible" to others; removing us from their reality and thoughts. It's a way of taking us off the mind of someone else. Use the following mantra for Fox Protection: "Angels please surround me with fox medicine to make me invisible in the eyes and mind of (name of person); removing me from their sight, thoughts and reality and them from mine". I had to use this technique with a neighbor who lives one block away; I have not seen or heard from this person in over a year! 4. The Bridge (healing technique): For toxic energy to truly be diffused, you have to heal from the effects; or it will show up again in some manner. The Bridge is a healing visualization that seals the the situation and allows everyone to move forward. This should be done after any other diffusing method (1-3) to ensure success and completion. It's best to be in a relaxed state, in a quiet room with your eyes closed for this technique. Visualize a bridge in a beautiful, natural setting; I like to picture Monet's Bridge at Giverny painting. You should be standing at one end of the bridge and at the opposite end is the other person. Ask your angels to guide you and protect you as you walk to the middle of the bridge and meet the other person there. Tell that person you forgive them and that you want to heal and move forward in your life; wanting the same for them. Now hand them a bag, which represents the toxic energy from them that you have been carrying. What they do next is no longer your concern. Turn and walk away without looking back (this is very important). Exit the bridge and open your eyes. Now, you can take sea salt bath to help detox, take a nap, take a walk or drink lots of lemon water. After any of these, you will feel lighter and lifted. The person or situation will no longer occupy so much of your time or thoughts. If this is not the case, you are holding on for some reason and can repeat as needed; starting with the Forgiveness Ritual.

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