5 Ways to Connect with the Fairy Realm of Angels

Fairy Tales; 5 Ways to Connect with The Fairy Realm of Angels

Yes indeed, fairies are real; sort of. There is a realm of angels, known as Elementals, that have the purpose of protecting nature and working with all nature spirits (including animals). Fairies, also known as the Fae, are part of this realm.

Fairies are part of the angelic energy, but they differ from Guardian Angels and Archangels. Their purpose is not primarily connected to helping humans, but rather working with select humans to protect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants (plants, animals, trees, oceans, rivers etc…). Fairies are present on Earth, making them Earth Angels.

The Fairies are not unconditional with humanity. They have an ego and are very tied to their purpose and mission of protecting the Earth and Nature. The fairies will help humans, but they are selective. People who are kind to nature, the planet and animals are who they choose to work with. The Fairy realm are incredible helpers for manifesting intentions, especially material ones. Because they have an ego and their energy is present on Earth, they are masters at helping bring intentions into material form.

To connect and work with the Fairy realm (for help with manifesting), it is important to show them that you resonate with their purpose. They are selective, and will look for signs that a person is “on the same page” with their mission, so to speak. Here are 5 ways to connect with the fairy realm:

  1. Go Green!: The fairy realm is sensitive to chemicals that can be harmful to the Earth. Once of the biggest inspirations you will receive when you invoke the fairy realm for help is to take an inventory of the household cleaners, outdoor products and personal care items that you use. Going chemical and animal testing free is a must. This is a very positive practice for folks who are energy sensitive, since chemicals are a form of negative energy, plus it raises your vibration (which is important for manifesting).

  2. Be kind to the animal and insect kingdom: If you are one to kill insects, the fairy realm is not going to work with you. ALL of nature s to be respected and the fairies are protectors of those without a voice in the animal and insect kingdom. If you are an animal lover, you probably resonate very well with the fairies (even have a natural interest or curiosity in them).

  3. Work with Healing Crystals: Fairies are incredible healers and they work very well with healing crystals. When you work with crystals, you are opening yourself to the fairy realm because they are protectors of the Earth, which is where the crystals come from!

  4. Gardening: The fairies love gardens, but not just any kind. Fairies will live in very natural surroundings; not too manicured and definitely no harsh chemicals. They will send you signs of their presence with mushrooms showing up or leaves that gather to form an almost roof like formation. Creating a fairy garden definitely draws them in, place some healing crystals in it! This is a great way to invite fairies into your life and start forming a very magical relationship that is mutually beneficial (the fairies need our help with environmental issues).

Spend time in the forest or woods: fairies are most abundant in lush, natural settings. Spending time in these areas is a great way to connect not only with the Fairy realm, but with your higher self. When you are there, you can ask the fairies and nature spirit (yes, trees have spirits) to bring you energy healing. This healing can help release deeply rooted blocks to manifesti

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