5 Surprising Ways Deceased Loved Ones Communicate With You

People are actually souls having a human experience; our bodies are temporary, but the soul is eternal energy. It is the energy of the soul that connects us and it is the energy of love that binds us. This energy is everlasting; it never dies. When a human being dies, the soul energy continues on in a way that's amazing and hard to understand for those still living as humans. The love that bonded souls to others while living remains. Because the soul elevates in energy and returns to the higher vibrating oneness of the Universe, the constraints of this world and the human body are gone (I.e. linear time, linguistic communication, suffering and pain). The work of Mediumship is when an intuitive, or Medium, can telepathically communicate with a soul and give their messages to a living person, usually a loved one. This experience often helps people heal and move on from profound grief over the loss of another; the absence of that physical presence can be very difficult to accept and painful. Mediums use some form of their intuitive senses for this communication. Since we are all intuitive, we are all capable of communicating with the souls of our loved ones in some manner. The problem for many people is that they expect the communication to be the same as it was when their loved one was alive. It won't be exactly the same, because a soul is very different when free of the human body and has more limitless ways of being able to communicate. Learning more about how souls who have passed can still communicate with the living can be an amazing experience; bringing love, comfort and peace of mind to those still living. The more you know, the more you will realize that your mom, dad, friend, spouse or child is always around you; they are at peace and are ready and willing to communicate with you. Here are 5 ways your deceased loved ones communicate with you: 1. Butterflies & Birds When a person dies, their soul is in transition for a short time (the amount of time can vary, as linear time is very different from eternal energy). During this transition, souls will have the help of their guardian Angels, spirit guides and other souls they are connected to. They will also frequently send signs to living loved ones that all is well. Nature is much higher in vibration and an easy way for souls to send signs to family and friends grieving for them. Butterflies (sometimes dragonflies) and birds (often male cardinals) are common signs sent to the living as reassurance their deceased loved ones are okay and still near. 2. Smells & Songs: Things that are familiar and meaningful are used by deceased souls to make their presence known to living loved ones. If you suddenly smell you mother's perfume at a friend's home or you hear your grandfather's favorite old song playing at the mall; they are with you at that moment. Say hello and be thankful for their message of love. 3. Electronics: Souls are pure energy. Since electronics use energy frequencies, it is something deceased loved ones can easily use for communication; and its especially meaningful to those still living. Examples from my clients include one who suddenly received an old email a deceased loved one wrote in the past (before death) and another who received an old voice mail; there was even on who had an old pic of her loved one show up on Social Media. These all represent a soul reaching out and saying hello or showing support during times of struggle (as loved ones often do). 4. Your Thoughts & dreams: Intuitive communication often comes in the form of your thoughts and memories. Spirit can intuitively put a memory or thought on your mind as a message of love or reassurance. The same is true for dreams; our subconscious mind is actually much more intuitive than our conscious mind. When a loved one appears in a dream, it's their way of saying hello. 5. Memorabilia: It is very common to inherit or receive items that deceased loved one once owned. Jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc. When you feel compelled to wear or use one of their items, like grandma's favorite ring, they are with you at that moment! In Medium Readings, deceased loved ones often tell their living relatives that the appreciate them wearing (or using) these items because it keeps the connection ongoing. When a loved one passes, learning to speak this new language can ease the burden of loss tremendously. Have an open mind and open heart, because there are infinite ways departed loved ones can communicate; these 5 were just some common examples. You can enhance this relationship by initiating the communication with your thoughts and actions; especially if a deceased loved one was not open to intuition and spirituality when they were alive, which can affect how easily they might be able to communicate after death (there can be a learning process for certain souls). Feel free to ask them for a sign of their presence or of reassurance that they are okay. Have faith and trust your intuition to know when a sign comes; it will often be custom made just for you.

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