5 Positive Practices for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Positive practices are ongoing disciplines that benefit you in many amazing ways. Maintaining a higher vibration is crucial for your optimal well-being; loving relationships, financial abundance, career opportunities, and overall success and fulfillment. The Law of Attraction is always in action and we are manifesting our reality every minute of ever day. Through positive practices, we can sustain the kind of personal energy vibration that is a match to what we truly want to create in our lives; not to mention reduce stress and release negative energy that can weigh us down and create blocks.

Here are 5 Positive Practices for your mind, body & spirit:

1. Meditation: Taking a few minutes (let's say 10-30) each day to get silent, be still and breathe deeply helps us gain clarity, gain peace, relax and recharge. If completely letting go in meditation is difficult for you, try a guided meditation you can follow (tons of apps for these and I will be creating one very soon). HINT: meditating outdoors is even better!

2. Gratitude: A practice of gratitude completely changes your outlook and perspective; but it must be disciplined and ongoing. Try using a gratitude journal and write about something every day for which you are thankful. A gratitude Jar is also a great tool and fun for a family to use; decorate a jar and each day write down something on a small slip of paper for which you are thankful, when the jar is full you can review the slips together and start over. You can also combine meditation with your gratitude practice and state something for which you are thankful at the beginning of each meditation. The more thankful you are, the more you attract situations and circumstances that make you even more thankful. HINT: when something occurs that makes you very thankful, declare to your Angels "thank you! more experiences like this please!"

3. Forgiveness: Blocks can be created in our lives by holding onto anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, resentment or any other negative feeling or emotions about a person, group of people or situation. This negativity can block us from having optimal health (our body sends us signals constantly), harmonious and loving relationships, our desired career, sustained financial well-being and just about anything else we intend to manifest or create in our lives. The first practice, and one that is ongoing, is to release this negativity through the process of forgiveness. This does not mean that you must condone the hurtful actions of another, it simply means that you are aware of the need to release your toxic feelings and that you are willing to release them; you are doing this for yourself (it is ALL about self-love). Holding onto to ANY negativity diminishes your ability to see abundance in all things; no matter what you create, negativity will affect your ability to find joy in it. If nothing negative comes immediately to mind, then you must take the time to uncover that which needs releasing as every single human being, no exceptions, is holding onto something that, if left unchecked, will build over time and become an impediment in some way. The only person truly hurt by not forgiving YOU, but make no mistake; everyone else in your life is affected (including our children, families and animals). Having a forgiveness ceremony or ritual will allow you to release these negative energy blocks. HINT: you can receive a free Angel Healing Ritual for Forgiveness by signing up at www.ginasendef.com (click on BLOG and a small form will appear in a few seconds).

4. Yoga (or exercise): We release toxins through sweat and tears. Moving our bodies is also a form of meditation; we enter the same energy zone while exercising (if it is a form we enjoy) as we do in meditation. Yoga is a particularly good choice because it is also a spiritual practice and the poses are designed with specific forms of chakra and emotional healing in mind (Yoga is a form of exercise and energy healing). But if Yoga is not your thing, any form of frequent exercise is a positive practice. HINT: getting outside, in nature, with any exercise amplifies the positive energy!

5. Creative Expression: When we are creating, we are inspired; connecting to Divine energy and our higher selves. This connection is the same one we make during meditation, and it is powerful. Allowing yourself to have a creative outlet is a very self-loving thing to do; making it all the more impactful. It is not about what you create at all, it is simply about the act of being creative in any way you like. This could be with music, dance, acting, cooking, gardening, painting, writing, decorating, fashion, hair styling, woodworking, needle-pointing, knitting, jewelry design crafts and the list goes on and on. Creative expression reduces stress, releases negative energy, and makes us joyful; putting us in a very high vibrating state. HINT: the more you do this positive practice, the better!

These positive practices combine to make a very meaningful path for your life. Soon, you will begin to feel better and experience a flow of positive energy that brings more peace, more joy, more ideas, more opportunities and other endless possibilities. Positive Practices are an investment in your future; plant your tree today!

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