Doing what you love is a gift; knowing someone appreciates it is a blessing.  Here is what a few people wanted to share about their experience in working with me, I hope it helps you understand more about what I do...


JENNIFER- "A friend referred me to Gina Sendef when I was going through a challenging and emotionally difficult period in my life. My first interaction with Gina changed my life in the most positive way. She was able to quickly assimilate my emotions, provide tools and references to help me understand my feelings and break the negative energy that was attributing to my emotional state. For this, I am forever grateful."


AMY:  With guidance and inspiration from Gina, I have been encouraged to start the business of my dreams.  She has helped me more than I can say and I am so thankful!


JEN:  Gina/s Divine Life Coaching program has been transformational.  I am healing and growing my business in ways I never imagined.  Her intuitive guidance is so valuable, therapy never helped me like this.


SHARON  Gina has changed my life!  Her Divine Life Coaching program has helped me embrace my purpose and heal so much pain from my past.  I will never leave this program, the insights from Gina amaze me!


DORIS: "I met Gina 2010 when I had my first angel reading. My son and I had recently moved out of our house, and I was starting the divorce procedures. After 20 years of marriage I was, for the first time, solely responsible for myself and my son.  I was ruled by worries, unable to sleep, and physically exhausted. That first reading was a great blessing and the beginning of the best journey I had ever imagine, which is my life today.


Through the angel readings I have learned about the immense love, compassion, and support that my angels, God, and the universe have for me every day.  I have gained the awareness to gauge my thoughts and actions’ alignment with my higher self.  I have also realized how blessed I have been, and continue to be, through my life. I have learned to be more compassionate with myself while constantly aspiring to grow and evolve.  


Gina has shown me the tools that assist me every day in setting personal and professional goals, attending to my son, family and friends, while being a steward of my own spiritual growth.  I have an angel reading every two months.  Each reading is like having a safe, loving conversation with my greatest advocates, Gina and my angels. These are also filled with joy, and often, we end-up laughing a lot during our readings.


Gina is extremely talented, sensitive, and a true professional.  She is considerate and private, and deeply respectful of my person and whatever state my life is at the moment.  I am forever grateful to Gina for her help during a very difficult time in my life, and continuous support, guidance, and knowledge."  


KIMBERLY: "I've been receiving angel readings and reiki from Gina for the last several years.  Reiki has always put me back in balance as well as lifting my mood. The guidance I have received through my readings has been spot on.  I have no doubts that my angels have my back.  Being able to communicate more directly with them through Gina has guided me through some challenging times.  I highly recommend her." 


CONNIE: "Gina's connection with your Angels and her healing abilities that aide you in seeing your highest potential are nothing short of a gift.  She has given me consistent angel, spiritual and healing guidance not only about me, but spot on assistance about those who are in my life. She helps me manifest my truest desires and keeps me focused on the life I desire.  She is so factual it is mind blowing!"  



JENNIFER: "Gina Sendef is an experienced reiki practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients' health and wellbeing. It is evident from the time and attention during her sessions that she not only enjoys her practice but thrives sharing knowledge and empowering her clients. Whether it is achieving personal and professional goals or achieving overall health and wellness, Gina's techniques and intuitive blessings provide her clients the tools to be successful in their endeavors." 


KIM: "Gina has helped me in low times and times when I needed answers.  She guided me and confirmed which direction I needed to go.  She helped me with Reiki healing and taught me to be a better Reiki Healer.  Gina also helped my son and daughter through some of life's problems; when a mom was too close, she gave them the objective giudance much needed.  She has so much to teach and I'm excited to continue to learn from her.  She is a Godsend. "  

DIANE: "Gina truly cares.  Through her readings and Reiki sessions, I have been able to move forward, heal and create my dreams; like a new career path and a loving relationship.  I have recommended her to many people."


GAIL: "Amazing, sincere, positive, encouraging, honest and a true blessing are just a few words to describe Gina. Thank you for your guidance, it has helped me tremendously."



MICHELLE: "I am going through a VERY difficult time and Gina has guided me with pure intentions and helpful information. I would not be able to keep positive with out her help and guidance. It's has truly been a blessing and I am grateful for her insight and knowledge."



ANDREA: "After receiving Reiki healing and training with Gina, I am seeing the world through a freash pair of eyes.  It is full of pure wonderment.  Thank you Gina!"



SANDIE: "Gina came across my FaceBook newsfeed about a year ago--and I am so grateful I clicked on her page! In the past year I have learned so much about myself--why I felt things so deeply, why I felt a presence in my life that I didn't quite understand, why I wasn't quite connected to my life purpose, and why I had a fascination with faeries!  Her Angel knowledge and Reiki teachings (I am now a Reiki Master after taking her awesome on-line class!) have truly transformed my life and given me a sense of peace (I was quite the worrier before Gina) I've never had.  Her one-on-one readings are always spot on and have helped guide me to make better decisions, especially with the people in my life.  Best of all, I feel Gina has become a friend--she really cares about every person who crosses her path.  She's a true gift."



DAWN: I cannot express how much working with Gina has changed my life for the better.  Gina's readings are enlightening, deep and full of incredible wisdom that have enabled me to face challenges in my life and make changes for my highest good.  Gina's coaching has supported me in making these changes as well as in growing deeply in my own spiritual practice.  I have made great leaps forward in my growth, and Gina's weekly teachings through her challenges and webinars have helped me create a peaceful and whole life.  I am so grateful to Gina for her wisdom, knowledge and gifts which she has shared with me.