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As an Angel Intuitive, I help people connect with the authentic, loving guidance of their guardian angels and the Archangels.  An Angel Reading is a custom phone session that will deliver Divine counsel in many areas; including health, finance, career, life purpose, healing, relationships, spirituality, and so much more.  Each reading is completely unique, based on what your angels want you to know and what issues, concerns or questions you have. 


With over 15 years of experience, I have done thousands of readings for hundreds of people all over the world.  If you feel at all like you are in need of, or curious about, an Angel Reading, that is a sign to consider scheduling one; your angels have guided you here. 


I offer several types of readings (ranging from $50-$150), these are done via phone or video call (for international); see Angel Reiki for in-person sessions:


  • 30 minute Angel Reading

  • 45 minute Angel Reading

  • 60 minute Angel Reading

  • 12 month Angel Reading  (includes 12 month report and 45-60 minute phone reading)


To schedule, please email (with Reading Request in the subject) and we can discuss the best option for you.

The Angels are incredible Life Coaches!  They guide us toward our Life Purpose, loving relationships, optimal health, increased abundance, success (especially for healers and entrepreneurs), joy, positivity and peace of mind.  Working consistently with your angels will have an amazing impact in all areas of your life and for those you love.  If you are looking for guidance, healing and inspiration, this is an incredible investment to make for yourself.


With an Annual Divine Life Coaching Program, you receive  an Angel Reading Coaching session monthly or every other month depending on the package you select.  All programs also include access to on demand guidance, as needed, through email or text communication.  The best part, the Annual Divine Life Coaching Program prices are deeply discounted ($100 or more from regular pricing); offering you the opportunity for ongoing coaching and guidance that fits into your budget!  Below are the options, payments cal be made in two equal installments (one due at the time of purchase and the second due one month later).

HALO:  a 40 minute Angel Reading Coaching Session every month 

WINGS:  a 50 minute Angel Reading Coaching Session every other month

*custom packages available upon request

Divine Life
Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a form of energy healing; originating centuries ago in Japan.  The word Reiki means "universal life-force energy" and it serves to only help people; Reiki can do no harm.  It is an intuitive, hands on energy healing technique that helps clear energy blocks, balance the body's energy points (chakras), relieve pain, decrease infamation, relieve stress, induce relaxation and many, many other benefits. 
Angel Reiki is a unique combination of an Angel Reading along with Reiki healing; allowing for divine guidance that helps get specific answers and insight for your health and well-being.  During an in-person session, we begin with an in depth Angel Reading  to address what is most needed for healing and optimal health; this information helps to guide the actual Reiki in a way that gives the most impact and benefit.
Angel Reiki sessions are 60-90 minutes and can be done distance or in person. Please email (with Angel Reiki in the subject) for information about scheduling.
As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am certified, trained and experienced to not only be a Reiki Practitioner, but to also teach, attune (create a connection) and train people in the healing art of Reiki.  I teach Angel Reiki (which is traditional Usui Reiki with an Angel twist).
Reiki Training and Attunement consists of three levels:
  • Level 1:  Learn about the history, purpose and basic use of reiki plus the Reiki hand positions so you can use reiki for yourself or others; not as a practitioner.
  • Level 2:  Learn the four Reiki symbols, ethics and more advanced techniques; become certified as a Reiki Practitioner if desired.
  • Level 3:  This is the Master Level of Reiki.  Students learn the Master Reiki symbol, how to scan chakras, the use healing crystals, the spirituality of being a Reiki Master, how to give anntunements and how to teach Reiki.

I teach online through my Angel Reiki School (as part of the Angel Intuition Academy, see above for details), with new classes starting all the time.  I also teach in person on demand either one on one or in small groups.  Pricing varies based on the level of training.  Please email (with Reiki Training in the subject) for inquiries about Angel Reiki Training.




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