I have really been struggling these last few weeks. Nobody, not even my husband and kids, knows. I'm experiencing massive amounts of insecurity, anger and very dark, negative thinking; it's been like torture. The worst thing about it is, aside from the feelings, the fact that my reality is actually going very well ; but some part of me cannot truly enjoy it. My business is expanding and growing and I'm receiving numerous new opportunities. My 3 kids each have their own incredible successes happening; including my oldest (a daughter) committing to her 1st choice college to play soccer. My husband is a loving, supportive and happy. And yet, it has been difficult to escape the negativity

5 Surprising Ways Deceased Loved Ones Communicate With You

People are actually souls having a human experience; our bodies are temporary, but the soul is eternal energy. It is the energy of the soul that connects us and it is the energy of love that binds us. This energy is everlasting; it never dies. When a human being dies, the soul energy continues on in a way that's amazing and hard to understand for those still living as humans. The love that bonded souls to others while living remains. Because the soul elevates in energy and returns to the higher vibrating oneness of the Universe, the constraints of this world and the human body are gone (I.e. linear time, linguistic communication, suffering and pain). The work of Mediumship is when an

5 Gratitude Practices to Live More Thankfully

Adopting an attitude of gratitude becomes a popular topic this time of year. As summer winds down, the kids head back to school and we enter Pumpkin Spice flavored everything season, the holidays begin to come to mind. The spirit of the holiday season tends to bring out a more grateful nature for many; focusing on our blessings and trying to be more giving. Sometime after fall disappears (bye bye pumpkin pie) and winter settles in, we usually go right back to where we were before; forgetting all the gratefulness and falling back into the realities of daily life. But it doesn't have to be this way at all. This year, we can launch a positive practice for living more thankfully all the t

5 Positive Practices for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Positive practices are ongoing disciplines that benefit you in many amazing ways. Maintaining a higher vibration is crucial for your optimal well-being; loving relationships, financial abundance, career opportunities, and overall success and fulfillment. The Law of Attraction is always in action and we are manifesting our reality every minute of ever day. Through positive practices, we can sustain the kind of personal energy vibration that is a match to what we truly want to create in our lives; not to mention reduce stress and release negative energy that can weigh us down and create blocks. Here are 5 Positive Practices for your mind, body & spirit: 1. Meditation: Taking a few minutes

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