Gina's Bio & Story

Gina Sendef is an Author/blogger, Angel Intuitive, and Reiki Master Teacher.  As a life long Claircognizant, Gina began honing her intuitive skills in 2005 with training, mentorship and education; creating a process for Angel Readings, Angel Reiki, and a Divine Life Coaching Program that has helped thousands of clients worldwide with healing and guidance to improve their health, enhance their relationships, live their purpose, manifest their dreams, seek spiritual knowledge and much more.  
With a deep interest in energy healing for her own physical and mental well-being, Gina sought in-depth knowledge and training in the use of healing crystals and with Reiki attunements through the Master Teacher level.  Eventually, she combined her intuitive gifts with her passion for energy healing into the unique practice of Angel Reiki; also providing training and teaching for all levels of Reiki.  
After a childhood filled with chaos from dysfunctional family trauma (read about her story here); Gina spent the better part of her teens and early adulthood seeking escape and burying her intuitive gifts.  Over-working, shopping, junk food addiction, alcohol use, and many other forms of denial were the daily distractions that kept her from having to face and deal with the reality of her pain.  Eventually, it all became too much to bear and medical issues began manifesting. 
With constant headaches, frequent migraines, tremendous anxiety, and the condition of fibroid cysts; Gina sought alternative and holistic medicine to help find relief.  This began a path for self and spiritual discovery that led to working with an amazing intuitive energy healer.  This mentor taught Gina about many forms of energy healing and intuitive coaching.  Through an intense period of healing and education, she rediscovered her intuitive gifts and an immense desire to use them, and energy healing, to help others; eventually giving birth to her well-known Angel Readings, Divine Life Coaching, and Angel Reiki.
Today, Gina enjoys writing (her lifelong passion and a huge part of her healing journey), speaking and spreading a message of positivity and healing on her blog, Instagram (link below) and Facebook page (link below).  Gina is also a graduate of the University of Illinois with past success in sales, marketing, freelance writing, recruiting, and management.  She maintains a passion for business, owning and growing her own business, as well as,  helping numerous entrepreneurs with intuitive guidance and coaching to create their dreams and grow their businesses.